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Doctor Sam on-site pharmacies are conveniently located inside of our clinics on the ground floor, next to the Front Desk.

The primary mission of Doctor Sam Pharmacy is to provide personalized medication management and comprehensive health care to our patients and visitors in association with in-house or other health care practitioners.

Our pharmacy team will find the best solution for your health and pharmacy needs:

  • Patient counseling
  • Offering a wide range of drugs, cosmetics, medical measuring instruments
  • Custom orders
  • Delivering orders to your place

Doctor Sam on-site pharmacies make things easy: our pharmacists are here to help you to get the necessary medications prescribed by a doctor and strive to give you additional information regarding medicines management.

* Cash payments must be made in Ukrainian Hryvnias (UAH), also we accept all major credit cards

Pharmacy «Zelenyi Ostriv»
1 Sikorskoho Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
«Zelenyi Ostriv-1» Residential Complex
Mon.-Fri.: 9:00 am. 9:00 pm.
Sat.-Sun: 9:00 am. 7:00 pm.
«Novopecherski Lypki»
20 Drahomyrova Str., Kyiv, Ukraine
«Novopecherski Lypki» Residential Complex
Round-the-clock service
«Sonyachna brama»
71-G Lomonosova Str., Kyiv, Ukraine
«Sonyachna brama» Residential Complex
Opens in August, 2016