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Детский массаж

A pediatric massage is an excellent tool for normalizing a child's psychomotor development. It can also be prescribed as treatment or prevention of neurologic or orthopedic pathologies in a child.

A good massage allows to:

  • Improve digestion and relieve colic
  • Improve baby's sleep, make it stronger and longer
  • Normalize a child's nervous system
  • Maintain muscle tone, develop coordination of movements
  • Improve metabolism
  • Strengthen immunity

Pediatric massage specialists of Doctor Sam Medical Network in Kyiv have many years of experience even with the smallest clients and easily find an approach to them, so each massage session not only adds health to your child but also improves mood!

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding costs or services, please contact our International Department:

Pediatric Massage (the list of avaliable services)