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Бойко Николай Иванович - Уролог, сексопатолог
Dr. Boiko Mykola


Urologist, sexologist-andrologist, M.D.

Academic degree

Ph.D. in Medical Science

Years practicing

35  Years

Current medical practice

Treatment of male urinary and reproductive system diseases.

Key information:

  • Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of sexology course at Bogomolets National Medical University.
  • President of the Ukrainian Association of Andrology and Sexual Medicine.
  • Author of 150+ scientific works, 5 inventions, monographs, and manuals.
  • Editor in Chief of Andrology and Sexual Medicine Journal and a member of the editorial board of three medical journals.
  • Consultant at radio and TV projects related to sexopathology and andrology issues.

The doctor provides treatment of the following diseases:

- Prostate adenoma (prostate gland) 

- Balanitis

- Balanoposthitis

- Varicocele

- Hydrocele

- Testicular hypofunction (hypogonadism)

- Erectile dysfunction 

-  Penile curvature (Peyronie's disease)

- Mycoplasmosis

- Candidosis

- Urolithiasis 

- Male infertility

- Ejaculation disorders 

- Prostatitis

- Trichomoniasis

- Ureaplasmosis

- Phimosis

- Chlamydiosis

Procedures performed:

- falloprosthetics;

- epididymoanastomosis;

- massage of the prostate gland;

- prosthetic penis;

- vasectomy;

- correction of penile curvature, etc.

Language proficiency:

Ukrainian, Russian - fluent. English - interpreter services available upon request.