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Гераськевич Лариса Николаевна - Акушер-гинеколог, врач УЗИ
Dr. Larysa Geraskevych


Obstetrician-gynecologist, Ultrasound diagnostics specialist, MD

Years practicing

22  Years

Current medical practice

Treatment of menstrual disorders, urinal tract infections, uterine cervix diseases and a wide spectrum of pelvic diseases (fibromyoma, endometriosis; climacteric disorders, ovarian cyst, inflammation disease, hyperplastic diseases of uterine and cervix et

Dr. Geraskevych deals with treatment of a wide spectrum of gynecological diseases, fertility and pregnancy care. She graduated from Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical Academy in 1997 and attended her internship internship in Shupyk Kyiv Medical Academy. Doctor has also obtained the certificate in Ultrasound diagnostics.

Dr. Geraskevych has attended various advanced training courses:

  • Colposcopy diagnostic of diseases of uterine cervix
  • Professional pathology and fertility

Dr. Geraskevych is sociable, responsible and careful person. She entrusts, understands and respects her patients and applies an individual approach to everyone. Her professional credo is "Healthy Mother – Healthy Baby!". She is fond of theatre, cinema and travelling.

The scientific work of the doctor

Author: Dr. Larysa Geraskevych
Date of publication: 07.12.2017