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Гладенкова Елена Владимировна - Врач УЗИ
Dr. Hladenkova Olena


Ultrasound specialist, M.D.

Years practicing

9  Years

Current medical practice

Performs ultrasound of the small pelvic organs (transabdominal), lymph nodes, abdominal cavity organs and kidneys, soft tissues, mammary glands, etc.

Graduated from Lugansk State Medical University, 2003.

Attended advanced training courses:

«Fundamentals of ultrasound diagnostics in Gynecology»;

«Ultrasound diagnostics in Oncogynecology»;

«Current issues of ultrasound diagnostics in Pediatrics»;

«Modern Doppler ultrasound of the gastrointestinal tract diseases, hepatobiliary system diseases, and pancreas diseases;

«Modern doppler ultrasound diagnostics of kidney diseases, adrenal gland diseases and bladder diseases in adults»;

«Modern ultrasound diagnostics of mammary gland diseases and peripheral lymph node diseases»;

«Modern ultrasound diagnostics of thyroid gland diseases».

Member of the Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound Specialists.

Language proficiency

Ukrainian, Russian - fluent. English - interpreter services available upon request.