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Dr. Polonska Liudmyla


Pediatrician, M.D.

Years practicing

36  Years

Current medical practice

Early childhood medical care, vaccinations, prevention of childhood diseases and the medical care for children, in accordance with the requirements of modern pediatrics.


Bogomolets National Medical University

Work experience:

1985-2009 -  a primary care pediatrician, Head of the Pediatric Department at Children's Outpatient clinic № 5 of Shevchenkivskyi district (Kyiv)

Since September 2009 - a pediatrician at Isida-IVF

Since 2016 - Head of the Pediatric Department No.1 at Isida-IVF

Dr. Polonska was awarded two diplomas of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and has numerous certificates of participation in conferences, seminars, symposia of pediatricians in Ukraine. She constantly improves her professional skills by attending thematic courses, pre-certification courses, training on current issues in pediatrics. 

The doctor believes that effective patient care should be accessible, timely, comprehensive and controlled. Her professional credo: Children should be healthy - then everyone around will be happy!

Language proficiency:

Russian, Ukrainian - free. English - interpreter services available upon request.