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Voloshyna Viktoriia


Speech-language pathologist, pediatric psychologist

Years practicing

20  Years

Current medical practice

Diagnostics and correction of psychophysical development which includes different types of speech impairment.


2011-2014 – Public higher educational institution «University of Educational Management». Specialty «Psychology». Qualifications: psychologist, teacher of the university. Master's degree with honors.

2011 – Higher educational institution «University of Economics and Law»«KROK». Institute of Master and Postgraduate Education. Department of Pedagogy and Psychology. Viktoria received the Certificate of Advanced Training No. 12SPK 8086550 under the program «Instructor of the Training Center».

1992-1997 – Kiev Public Pedagogical University n.a. M.P. Dragomanov. Specialty: Defectology (speech therapy). Qualifications: speech therapist, a primary school teacher for children with severe speech disorders. Diploma with honors.