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Internationally approved medical quality standards are now in Ukraine!

We are proud to inform you that our Doctor Sam Medical Network has obtained Quality Approval Certificate from Joint Commission International (JCI). The very first in Ukraine.

This Certificate is considered to be the “Golden Standard” of quality in global healthcare.

Joint Commission International is the most recognized international organization whose activity ensures the highest standards, improving quality of medical services and patients’ safety.   

This world's oldest accreditation body in healthcare quality was established in the United States in 1917.

Founded in 1994 by The Joint Commission, Joint Commission International (JCI) has accredited healthcare facilities in more than 90 countries all around the world.

August 17, 2018 is the date when Doctor Sam Medical Network added Ukraine to that list.

All three of our clinics have received Quality Approval Certificate and Gold Seal of Approval – the internationally recognized quality standards of medical services, security for clients and employees.

What does JCI certification mean for our clients? 

  • Confidence in consistency of the medical help provided by the highest international standards;
  • Employees competence is in accordance to strict qualification requirements:
  • Modern medical treatment with acknowledged effectiveness;
  • Non-restricted access to medical help;
  • Minimization of mistakes;
  • Confidence in your personal security: exact personal identification on every stage of medical treatment; drugs and equipment quality control; dangerous liquids’ control and many more;
  • Reliable medical equipment;
  • Security and fire safety;
  • Comfort and high communication standards;
  • Confidentiality. 

JCI accreditation is the guaranty of the highest quality in medicine worldwide!

Joint Commission International accreditation is a long-term process that involves a wide range of evaluations of medical organization.

Preparing for accreditation in cooperation with JCI international experts, we have been thoroughly working to introduce new quality and safety standards, improving our corporate culture, daily medical practice, clinical protocols and procedures, level of service, comfort and safety in accordance with the highest international standards.

Until now, there was a commonly-held belief that the country’s healthcare industry was not ready for JCI-level standards in providing medical care, but we have demonstrated that it is entirely possible in Ukraine.

During the accreditation process, the team of JCI international experts, visited all three Doctors Sam clinics to evaluate the processes on-site in accordance with indicators covering: 

  • quality management;
  • processes of medical assistance;
  • management policy and ethical principles;
  • level of professional compliance of clinical and administrative staff;
  • evaluation of clinical results;
  • policy on critical indicators management;
  • accounting of information and document flow;
  • correctness and accuracy of work with medical information;
  • communication processes;
  • level of sanitation and hygiene;
  • risk assessment and risk management program;
  • technical capabilities and reliability of equipment; engineering systems and communication networks;
  • confidentiality policy;
  • and much more to ensure maximum reliability, safety and comfort for patients 

Interviewing the staff, patients and management, along with careful visual inspection of clinical activity and management system analysis, international accreditation in the Joint Commission International addresses every aspect of the work of the medical organization and provides the most objective, rigorous, skilled and complete assessment of the system's effectiveness, patient safety and quality of health services.

Doctor Sam became the first medical institution in Ukraine which proves and confirms to meet the highest standards of medical services!

To cover it all, accreditation and JCI Gold Seal of Approval requires compliance with serious obligations. First of all, constant and continuous improvement of the quality of medical services and further refinement.

Joint Commission International accreditation standards 

  • Developed by medical experts from around the world - tested and adapted to the culture and laws of each country.
  • Prepared by qualified medical professionals specifically for the health sector only.
  • To be equally effective both for the provision of individual medical care, for medical organizations and national health systems.
  • Designed to reduce risks.
  • Focus on developing a culture of safety.
  • Designed for continuous improvement in medicine. 

So that to get accreditation, the medical institution must comply with the strict standards established by JCI. More than 1,000 hospitals, laboratories and various healthcare organizations worldwide have been accredited by JCI.

JCI’s "Gold standard" of quality confirms that the medical organization works strictly in accordance with international standards of quality and safe provision of medical assistance.




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